Potholes can be both dangerous and ugly. And they don’t make a good impression for your visitors or customers.
It’s important to repair potholes before they get any worse, as tends to happen when it starts to rain.
Equally important, you don’t want a pothole repair to become a speed hump.
Potholes are cut, boxed out and laid at existing level to achieve a flush finish and enable future overlay. Claremont Asphalt does quality repairs to pathways, car parks or driveways.

Pothole Repair FAQs

  • How long do pot hole repairs take?
    Pot hole repairs are completed in one visit and you can use the driveway immediately after.
  • Is there a fixed price per square metre or is it quoted?
    We quote all jobs and get your approval before starting the job so you know what you are up for. Pot holes are priced at $ 60/m2 but we do have a minimum call out fee which covers about 8m2
  • What’s the process for pot hole repairs?
    We always do a site inspection and like to meet the client onsite to discuss the scope of works. We measure the areas in need of repair and provide a quote. Prior to commencement of works we liaise with clients, property managers etc to ensure access on the day and discussing any particular requirements and to ensure minimum disruption to residents/shop owners etc.

Pot hole repair jobs involve cutting out the damaged section, applying tack coat ( a binder), laying the asphalt and compacting. Many pot holes together may be cut out into a larger area limiting the risk of further pot holes forming. Repairs are left flush with the existing asphalt for a neat finish and to avoid unnecessary “speed humps”. We always remove all rubbish and leave the site clean and tidy.

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