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A driveway crossover play a pivotal role in ensuring easy and safe access to your premises, often navigating through sidewalks and grass verges. As specialists in asphalt solutions, we not only focus on the functionality and compliance of these essential pathways but also on preserving the aesthetic appeal of road reserves and the surrounding environment.

What Is A Driveway Crossover

A driveway crossover is the area where driveways cross over the verge from the road to private property. These are different to an access way as described towards the end of this page.

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What Is The Difference Between An Accessway And A Crossover?

An accessway is a path on private land that connects a building to the street, allowing people to go from their property to the public road. (Often referred to as a driveway) and is not part of the public road itself.

A crossover refers to the section where a driveway or accessway extends from a property’s boundary to the road, frequently crossing over areas like sidewalks, grass verges, or curbs.

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Asset Protection

Claremont Asphalt prioritises the integrity of public and private assets during the construction process. Our team is dedicated to implementing the best practices in crossover construction, ensuring a durable, high-quality finish that enhances property access while minimising impact on the community’s shared spaces.

You can trust Claremont Asphalt to provide expert guidance and skilled execution for your driveway crossover, nature strip, and road reserve projects, ensuring they meet legal and community standards with the utmost respect for asset protection.

Legal Guidelines

The Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) has established comprehensive guidelines to ensure that the construction of crossovers – the areas where driveways cross over the verge from the road to private property – adheres to legal and best practice standards.

These guidelines cover the approval process, design, and construction specifications for asphalt crossovers, asphalt strips, and edge repairs, emphasising the importance of maintaining safe and accessible transitions from public thoroughfares to private land.

For builders, designers, and property owners, adhering to these guidelines is crucial for creating functional, compliant, and durable crossovers.

Further details can be found in the comprehensive WALGA Crossover Guidelines document to explore the full extent of these regulations and specifications.

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