Asphalt surfacing brings about many benefits whether it used in a commercial or residential application. It provides a fantastic safe and cost-effective option for the construction or repair of an asphalt driveway or carpark. What’s even better is how environmentally-friendly it is!

Eco-friendly alternative

Asphalt is 100% recyclable and has become one of the most recycled construction waste products in Australia. Moreover, post-consumer waste can also be repurposed for use in asphalt laying including old car tires and glass.

Furthermore, the smooth asphalt surface reduces the friction or rolling resistance on roads.  Less resistance means it is easier on the vehicles. Carbon dioxide emissions can instantly be reduced as vehicles don’t need to work as hard and will lead to improved fuel economy. This is a win-win situation for both the environment and consumer.

– Line Marking Marine Parade

Cost Effective

More durable and cheaper to install, asphalt surfacing is an attractive cost-effective alternative to concrete. Asphalt’s durability comes from its oil-based properties and flexibility in adapting to changes in temperature and humidity. Hot mix asphalt, in particular, can withstand extremes of Perth weather and repels water effectively. Whereas, concrete often cracks under pressure. Asphalt driveway installations by experienced asphalt laying professions, can easily last more than 20 years and requires little maintenance.


Easy to maintain

When repairs are necessary the process is highly affordable and simple. Homeowners can easily repair their own asphalt driveway. The curing process is also much shorter when it comes to asphalt laying, which can take as little as a day in comparison to the multiple days the concrete curing process would take. This minimises any disruption to your home or business. Installing a new asphalt car park for your business won’t be a problem. Here at Claremont Asphalt we can help you with a complete construction of carparks or provide repair and maintenance services.


Asphalt laying provides a smoother surface than bitumen, which reduces rolling resistance and in turn wear and tear on vehicles. We also ensure the surface is levelled to let water flow to existing drainage. In addition, the textured asphalt surface prevents accidents by providing skid-resistance which is a much-needed assurance during Perth’s rainy winter weather and car parks.


For safer and more durable roads make sure you contact a reliable asphalt laying company in Perth. We have been providing high quality services to WA homeowners and businesses for the past 25 years.