Bituman Driveways Perth

“Bitumen is the liquid binder that holds Asphalt together”
– Asphalt vs Bitumen

We specialise in Asphalt Driveways, but we understand that some people may refer to them as Bitumen Driveways. Regardless of the terminology, our goal is to provide you with a smooth, durable driveway that meets your needs. Whether you’re after ‘Asphalt driveways’ or ‘Bitumen driveways’, rest assured that you’re in the right place with Claremont Asphalt.

It’s common to mistake bitumen for asphalt as bitumen is commonly used within the components of Asphalt. For this reason, it’s common to refer to an Asphalt driveway as a Bitumen driveway. Based on our enquiries, we do understand that the terms ‘Asphalt’ and ‘Bitumen’ can sometimes be confused which is the reason we facilitate this through educational resources.

Both Asphalt and Bitumen are used in the construction of driveways and roads, and they are often used interchangeably, which can lead to misunderstandings.

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“Their skills made my driveway project come together perfectly. Everyone went above and beyond what was required knowing how important it was for me to keep the driveway in accordance to the original design and character of my home.”


What is Bitumen?

Bitumen is the liquid binder that holds Asphalt together. It is a highly viscous constituent of petroleum, can be a sticky, black liquid or a solid mass that behaves as a liquid over very large time scales. Either found in natural deposits or refined from petroleum, Bitumen is used to bind aggregate particles like gravel and forms a substance referred to as Asphalt concrete, which is colloquially termed Asphalt.

Why Choose Asphalt over Bitumen in Perth

Asphalt is a composite material frequently used to surface roads, parking lots, and airports. Asphalt results in a smoother and more durable surface capable of withstanding heavy traffic.

When considering a driveway in Perth, opting for asphalt over bitumen offers several advantages. Asphalt driveways are preferred for their durability, speed of installation, and cost-effectiveness. The material’s flexibility allows it to expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking, providing a longer-lasting driveway surface. Asphalt’s resistance to water and root damage also ensures that the driveway remains smooth and safe for extended periods, reducing long-term repair expenses. The installation process for asphalt is quicker. An asphalt driveway can often be laid and ready for use within a day.

This is why asphalt makes for both a practical and economical choice for Perth property owners.

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before and after photo of asphalt driveway resurfacing

Car Parks

Asphalt car parks are a perfect statement for your
business, school, strata, or organisation. Make a great impression while creating easy access to your building.

Pothole Repairs

Noticing potholes in need of repair? It’s important that
you repair any potholes before they get worse and
become dangerous.


Sometimes referred to as asphalt overlay, resurfacing
can boost your driveway or car park’s appearance
and improve longevity.

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